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Rentable Art

stock photo - apartment art[1] ----- February 8th, 2010 -----

Ever wanted to test of a piece of art in your home before actually buying it?  With KiptonART’s rental program,…Read Article

Fabulous Angela Adams Rugs

Jilly ----- February 5th, 2010 -----

A great rug sets the mood of a room and can become a focal point for guests to admire when…Read Article

The Modern Pet

The Modern Pet ----- February 4th, 2010 -----

When you think of pet furniture, what pops into your head?  Probably either an oversized dog bed or a 4-foot…Read Article

Yard Sale Treasure Hunting

Yard Sale App 4 ----- February 3rd, 2010 -----

We all love finding a deal—whether it is at a retail store, a flea market, or a sample sale.  Scoring…Read Article

We Love Wallpaper from the 70’s

Amphion ----- February 1st, 2010 -----

The 70’s were a time of bright colors, crazy furniture, and wild patterns!  Fortunately for us, a new German-based company…Read Article

Maurice Chest by Nancy Corzine ----- January 29th, 2010 -----

Have you ever walked into a furniture showroom and become shocked by the outrageous prices?  Did these overblown prices ever…Read Article

The Future Home of Fashion

DvF Bishop's Cape ----- January 28th, 2010 -----

It has been confirmed! Another one of our favorite fashion designers is branching out into the world of home design…Read Article

A T-Shirt for My Bed

James Perse 4 ----- January 27th, 2010 -----

Everyone has a favorite cotton t-shirt that they love to throw on under a sweater or wear during the weekend…Read Article

Winter Antiques Show

banner-05 ----- January 21st, 2010 -----

It is that time again—time for the 56th Annual Winter Antiques Show held at the Park Avenue Amory! The show…Read Article

Dinner Party Must-Haves

cheese set ----- January 21st, 2010 -----

Here are some great tableware accessories that are your not-so-ordinary kitchen pieces! Make your appetizers and hors d’oeuvres much more…Read Article