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Moroccan Tiles

tiles ----- December 3rd, 2007 -----

No, we haven’t decided to go international just yet. Luckily, we can get authentic Moroccan tiles without being stuck in…Read Article

Secondhand Rose

wallpaper-1 ----- November 30th, 2007 -----

Vintage wallpaper in mass quantities is one of the most difficult things to find. Luckily, its done for us at…Read Article

Welcome To The Cultivated Home

Welcome ----- November 27th, 2007 -----

The Cultivated Home is a blog created by a group of interior designers based in NYC. After much discussion, we…Read Article

Silk Appreciation

Silk Appreciation ----- May 27th, 2007 -----

According to Chinese legend silk was discovered by a consort of the Yellow Emperor in 2640 B.C. While drinking tea…Read Article

Eliza Stamps

time-marches-in1 ----- May 6th, 2007 -----

We are currently obsessing over the work by Eliza Stamps. Her show, Being and Nothingness is on exhibit at the…Read Article

“Limited Run” at Open Space Gallery

birds ----- February 19th, 2007 -----

In September of 2007, Burlock was blessed with new neighbors, Open Space, a gallery and studio that focuses on street…Read Article

Cavern Home

migration_londonweb72 ----- February 14th, 2007 -----

We’ve toured the planet in search of cool wallpaper, but we think the coolest company yet might be right here…Read Article

Education: Interior Design Standards

time-saver-standards ----- February 4th, 2007 -----

This book might be the single most important reference for practicing interior designers. Endorsed by John Saladino, this book includes…Read Article

Elson & Company

elson-company ----- January 31st, 2007 -----

Carpeting can scare off any purist, but with the carpets of Elson & Company, no longer! Elson & Company manufactures both…Read Article

Crispina: 100% Recycled

il_430xN.159602819 ----- January 24th, 2007 -----

For warm and fuzzy pillows and throws; or for little snugglies as an accent in a kid’s room; for a…Read Article