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Barn Lights For All

The Outback Warehouse Shade ----- December 27th, 2010 -----

If you have ever driven by an old barn and wished you could take home the lighting for yourself, we…Read Article


Chandelier ----- April 8th, 2010 -----

It is always good to support a home player, and we are definitely in support of Workstead’s “exciting machinery”. Workstead…Read Article

A Good Truckload

Torch Bed ----- April 1st, 2010 -----

To find our next new obsession, we had to skip across the globe to Japan!  What did we find?  A…Read Article

REHAB Vintage

REHAB's Custom Shop ----- March 24th, 2010 -----

We love taking vintage or lost pieces and giving them a second chance at beauty, which is why we got…Read Article

Ace Hotel Inspired

Lights ----- October 24th, 2009 -----

Always inspired by original design, this blog is dedicated to the unique approach of the new Ace Hotel. With its…Read Article

The Medicine to Cure Any Dull Home

B52 Cart ----- August 27th, 2009 -----

A hospital cart as a bar! Sounds crazy right? Well add in a fabulous light inspired by a dentist lamp…Read Article

Knickknacks and Recaps – A Week of Rustic Chic

Galvanized Metal Key Cabinet ----- May 22nd, 2009 -----

It’s been a long week, but a beautiful one for design!  This weekend, in between eating BBQ and lathering up…Read Article

Shining Light on the Past

pottery-barn ----- May 4th, 2009 -----

In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb. 130 year later its industrial, minimalist design has been reintroduced…Read Article

The Supermarket No Longer a Chore

elly ----- April 7th, 2009 -----

Who says that going to the supermarket has to be a drag?  Supermarket, brought to you by Supercorp, is a…Read Article

City Foundry

City Foundry ----- March 10th, 2009 -----

Chairs Worth Getting Up For With an extra hour of glorious daylight and the first signs of spring popping up…Read Article