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A Good Truckload

Torch Bed ----- April 1st, 2010 -----

To find our next new obsession, we had to skip across the globe to Japan!  What did we find?  A…Read Article

Made to Order: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

shelf_3 ----- March 16th, 2010 -----

Most great things don’t happen overnight, and some of our favorite finds can’t be mass produced, which is why we…Read Article

Environmentally Friendly Tile

Stardust Glass 1 ----- December 10th, 2009 -----

With everyone going “Green” and all the talk about being environmentally friendly, why not go for some recycled glass tiles.…Read Article

Abigail and Ryan – True Love in Design Heaven

Sycamore Scallop- Lime and Ink ----- December 8th, 2009 -----

Do you love nature, bright colors, and graphic patterns?  Are you looking to add some color to your kitchen with…Read Article

Who Needs A Photograph When You Have A Silhouette?

Cut Arts 1 ----- November 16th, 2009 -----

Need to create a picture wall but have too many photos of friends and family that you cannot part with? …Read Article

A Flicker of Color

Glassybaby 9 ----- October 23rd, 2009 -----

We are always looking for great ways to add color into our lives, and we have recently fallen in love…Read Article

Bubbles of Light

Jean Pelle 1 ----- September 23rd, 2009 -----

We are always on the search for unique and glamorous lighting designs and we wanted to share with you our…Read Article

Rare Device and Beautiful Barnacles

Barnacle Container NO. 1 ----- August 6th, 2009 -----

One would expect one-of-a-kind finds from a store called Rare Device, and that’s just what they’ve delivered with their new…Read Article

Cheap Chic – Fun Finds for the Home

Vase & Egg Timer ----- July 27th, 2009 -----

Sometimes you deserve a treat, for no other reason than because it’s, well, Monday. When the mood strikes, we love…Read Article

The Beauty of Moth Design

urchin ----- May 12th, 2009 -----

The creations of Shannon Shapiro-Schladweiler and her L.A.-based company, Moth Design, are organic, whimsical and breathtakingly beautiful. Every item is…Read Article