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Nomad your Own Space

Nomad 2 ----- March 11th, 2010 -----

As a kid we all loved building forts out of chairs, pillows, and sheets, but as adults we rarely spend…Read Article

The Modern Pet

The Modern Pet ----- February 4th, 2010 -----

When you think of pet furniture, what pops into your head?  Probably either an oversized dog bed or a 4-foot…Read Article

Repeat is Right

Fabrics ----- January 7th, 2010 -----

Repeat Studio was created by founders, Roisin Fagan and Arounna Khounnoraj, out of their shared interest and love of patterns…Read Article

Environmentally Friendly Tile

Stardust Glass 1 ----- December 10th, 2009 -----

With everyone going “Green” and all the talk about being environmentally friendly, why not go for some recycled glass tiles.…Read Article

The One-Stop Green Shop

XY Decor Nest Pendant Lamp ----- November 26th, 2009 -----

We have stumbled upon one of the best secrets in green living – Green Depot! Green Depot is one of…Read Article


Picture 3 ----- August 31st, 2009 -----

This weekend, we fell further in love with the elegant and understated work of Bookhou. Their latest collection of home…Read Article

Knickknacks and Recaps

matthew williamson ----- March 27th, 2009 -----

Every Friday from here on out we are going to roundup our favorite design tips and tidbits that we’ve spotted…Read Article

IKEA fabric

IKEA fabric ----- December 2nd, 2008 -----

Here’s a thought and recession friendly item that brightens up any home: IKEA’s fabric line for under $6 a yard!…Read Article

Furnish Green

furnishgreen_logo ----- November 12th, 2008 -----

Genius! We stumbled across this company just recently and are so excited about the idea we had to share. FurnishGreen…Read Article

The Solaire

solaire ----- April 21st, 2008 -----

With all of the buzz about being environmentally safe and aware these days, who knew that we New Yorkers have…Read Article