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Plaid garlands ----- September 14th, 2010 -----

With Fall already here, we wanted to share some of our favorite plaid pieces for the home..  Strap on your…Read Article

The Birds of Spring

Chinoiserie Duvet Set ----- April 7th, 2010 -----

Spring has sprung, and everywhere we look birds are flying and chirping their way back into our life.  Not only…Read Article

A Good Truckload

Torch Bed ----- April 1st, 2010 -----

To find our next new obsession, we had to skip across the globe to Japan!  What did we find?  A…Read Article

Great New Finds from Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus™ Glass Top Tree Table ----- February 2nd, 2010 -----

We love Nate Berkus!  Not only is he handsome, handy, and one of Oprah’s best friends, he also has an…Read Article

The Future Home of Fashion

DvF Bishop's Cape ----- January 28th, 2010 -----

It has been confirmed! Another one of our favorite fashion designers is branching out into the world of home design…Read Article

Sale for the New Year

ABC Deer PIllow ----- January 14th, 2010 -----

It’s a new year, which means SALE time!  It’s a time to bring in the new and clear out the…Read Article

The One-Stop Green Shop

XY Decor Nest Pendant Lamp ----- November 26th, 2009 -----

We have stumbled upon one of the best secrets in green living – Green Depot! Green Depot is one of…Read Article

For Our Love of Dash and Albert

Vine Tufted Wool ----- October 29th, 2009 -----

We have found a new reason to love Dash and Albert rugs other then their adorable dog mascots and their…Read Article

A Round Rug for Any Square Room

Picture-1 ----- September 14th, 2009 -----

In a square rectilinear room sometimes a few circles here and there can make for an exciting change to the…Read Article

Adler Your Way

Picture-7 ----- September 4th, 2009 -----

We love Jonathan Adler and we know you do too! From his ceramics to his pillows we can’t get enough!…Read Article