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Comerford Hennessy

comerford ----- January 30th, 2009 -----

When Karen Comerford and Michael Hennessy opened their store, their goal was to redefine the concept of “modern design” by…Read Article

Historical Materialism

Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 6.41.11 AM ----- December 17th, 2008 -----

Hudson, NY has become a refuge for weary New Yorkers. It’s got a fantastic strip with a bevy of boutiques…Read Article

School House Electric

derbyf ----- December 16th, 2008 -----

Shine a new light this season with a vintage piece. School House Electric uses original cast-iron molds from 1900 to…Read Article

Spruce Mid-Century Sale

untitled ----- December 1st, 2008 -----

We’ve never discussed it.  No, we haven’t even whispered the name. But to all our upstate fans and downstaters in…Read Article

Future Perfect

future-perfect ----- December 1st, 2008 -----

Even though Thanksgiving has past, we would like to give a little thanks. Although having opened a store in September…Read Article

Moura Starr

starr ----- November 26th, 2008 -----

Happy Thanksgiving and let the sales begin! It’s one day away from Black Friday, but we wanted to help you…Read Article

Tie the Knot

picture-61 ----- May 13th, 2008 -----

Establishment is a fabulous outique in the meatpacking district offering a modern and eclectic mix of hand-crafted furnishings and accessories…Read Article

Andrew Martin

oberon_large ----- February 12th, 2008 -----

If you have never experienced the world-class showroom, Andrew Martin, at the D&D Annex, you should put it at the…Read Article

Get Back Inc.

get-back-inc-3 ----- January 17th, 2008 -----

In Connecticut, about 1-1/2 hours from mid-town there is a vast collection of old industrial furniture and objects that have…Read Article

David Weeks

Screen shot 2010-08-04 at 2.45.57 PM ----- December 28th, 2007 -----

We love David Weeks. Or, more specifically, we love his lamps. He seems to have taken his inspiration from Serge…Read Article