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Time Travel

Time Travel ----- September 30th, 2009 -----

Imagine being surrounded by old, leather bound books in your elegant library,  hunched over your latest read and hearing the…Read Article

What’s Cooler then a Design Blogger?

Design Calender ----- September 28th, 2009 -----

On Wednesday we participated in our first ever blogger panel held at the New York Design Center during their inaugural…Read Article

Get Inspired

Picture-25 ----- September 17th, 2009 -----

If you’re feeling stuck and need a little inspiration, be sure to take a look at the amazing book “Flea…Read Article

Colorstrology For All Birthdays

Book ----- August 4th, 2009 -----

Have you even wondered why you are more attracted to the color blue over red, or purple over orange? Have…Read Article

Frank Lloyd Wright at the Guggenheim

Guggenheim ----- July 20th, 2009 -----

As designers we’re always looking for ideas and inspiration, be it from a magazine, a flea market antique, or a…Read Article

Taking Trunks to New “Heights”

60_63383136179391375015130230_59_zzAtmosphere_071309_423 ----- July 17th, 2009 -----

We are always thinking ahead here at Cultivated Home, so we were excited—and somewhat intrigued—to learn that our friends at…Read Article

For the Hipster Within

shout0002 ----- April 6th, 2009 -----

We recently stumbled upon a fantastic new site that features affordable prints that can supplement your growing art collection.  Thumbtack…Read Article


abc3d ----- January 7th, 2009 -----

Need a refresher on your ABC’s? If you’re reading this, probably not. But if you want the coolest pop-up book ever created…Read Article


picture-2 ----- November 29th, 2008 -----

For the holidays this year, why not ask for something you can actually use year round! Domino has published its…Read Article

History Lesson: Jacquard Loom

jacquard-loom ----- April 16th, 2008 -----

Even the most knowledgeable computer science major might be surprised to learn that the predecessor to the computer is none…Read Article