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Home for the Holidays

Twig Reindeer ----- November 19th, 2009 -----

It is just about that time again!  The holidays are right around the corner, and they will be here faster…Read Article

Modern Genealogy for Any Home

Slice of Life 1 ----- November 11th, 2009 -----

During the holidays we all start to think about family and coming together with the ones we love.  Taking the…Read Article

Vintage Lights We Love

Another Man's Treasure Lamp ----- November 10th, 2009 -----

You can never have too many options of lighting! We’ve pulled together some great light fixtures we love for this…Read Article

Customize your Chandelier

Wakefield Chandelier ----- November 6th, 2009 -----

Looking for a one of a kind chandelier that you can customize yourself?  Well, look no further!  Pottery Barn has…Read Article

Tony Duquette at Remains Lighting

Tony Duquette Robertson Boulevard studio 2 ----- November 2nd, 2009 -----

Tony Duquette was a favored interior designer of Hollywood for more then five decades and to this day remains a…Read Article

Ace Hotel Inspired

Lights ----- October 24th, 2009 -----

Always inspired by original design, this blog is dedicated to the unique approach of the new Ace Hotel. With its…Read Article

Let’s Go Antiquing

Brooklyn Flea Market ----- October 22nd, 2009 -----

Some of the greatest furniture finds are not brand new pieces coming straight out of the box.  The world of…Read Article

Knock in Style

Polychromatic Numbers ----- October 14th, 2009 -----

Doors are definitely overlooked when it comes to decorating a home, but we have some ideas that can help you…Read Article

Where the Wild Things Are

Birch Tree Wall Mural ----- October 8th, 2009 -----

The classic children’s story “Where The Wild Things Are,” is about to hit theaters, but it could come into your…Read Article

Indian Summer

16357139_00_b ----- October 5th, 2009 -----

We wish it would get a bit warmer again, so to inspire the weather we thought we would bring our…Read Article