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By Month & Year

Getting Ziggy For Those Zags

Missoni ----- July 9th, 2009 -----

Our latest obsession: Zigzags! Whether it is the traditional 2 colors version or a beautiful tonal experiment we can’t get…Read Article

Feeling Nautical

Pottery Barn ----- July 8th, 2009 -----

It has been a wonderful vacation and we’re just trying to get back into reality after the 4th of July.…Read Article

Masculine Modern

West Elm ----- July 2nd, 2009 -----

Let’s get down to business! We collected a few items we love from affordable companies which focus on masculine mid-century…Read Article

IKEA Ideas

arholma ----- June 5th, 2009 -----

The official start of summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the outdoor furniture.…Read Article

Reaping Recycling’s Rewards

picture-1 ----- June 1st, 2009 -----

Most of us recycle due to an environmental consciousness and a sense of moral obligation, but thanks to Graypants Inc.…Read Article

From Stockholm with Love

lamp ----- May 28th, 2009 -----

Nearly every Sunday stroll through Soho reveals another hidden gem, and this week was no different. With our coffee and paper…Read Article

Movers Not Shakers

Mover ----- May 27th, 2009 -----

It’s that time of the year again: summer is when the largest percentage of renters face their leases’ end and…Read Article

Hide and Seek Furniture

mod-squad ----- May 6th, 2009 -----

The Brooklyn-based company, Wonk, was founded in 2004 with the goal of producing furniture that combined functionality with design.  All…Read Article

Sunshine, Wine & Rooftop Design 

picture-32 ----- May 1st, 2009 -----

In order to get the full summertime effect in the city, one needs to think outside the outdoors box.   Here…Read Article

A FLAIR For Elegance

flair-3 ----- April 29th, 2009 -----

We wanted to let you in on a little Soho secret that is a must-stop for design addicts who find…Read Article