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Great Find: Diseño Boston

Bos ----- October 1st, 2009 -----

Sometimes when we are accessorizing a home we look for some more cultural pieces to spice up a room. Most…Read Article

The Medicine to Cure Any Dull Home

B52 Cart ----- August 27th, 2009 -----

A hospital cart as a bar! Sounds crazy right? Well add in a fabulous light inspired by a dentist lamp…Read Article

Workin’ It: Small Space Solutions

Built-In Desk ----- August 27th, 2009 -----

More times than not, we have more work to do than we have space to do it in.  Such is…Read Article

Smart (Affordable) Storage

ottoman ----- August 20th, 2009 -----

Who said good design had to come to an end when it came to the more practical concerns of the…Read Article

West Elm

The Parallel Nesting Tables ----- August 19th, 2009 -----

Remember when you used to get so excited for the fall and back-to-school clothes? With the newest pieces from West…Read Article

Flower Power

Flower Power ----- August 14th, 2009 -----

Summer is coming to an end and soon the beautiful colors from the flowers surrounding us will be replaced with…Read Article

Back To School

Plywood Alphabet ----- August 13th, 2009 -----

It is that time of year again when some of us are either heading back to school, know someone who…Read Article

A Little More For A Little Less

Slider Console ----- July 30th, 2009 -----

It is always great to get a little more for a little less and today we’ve found it at Urban…Read Article

David Hicks

David Hicks ----- July 28th, 2009 -----

Today we’re looking back to appreciate the fabulously chic David Hicks (1929-98), an interior design superstar of the ‘60’s and…Read Article

Loungers for Every Sun Lover

Indian Lattice ----- July 13th, 2009 -----

I don’t know about everyone, but when we at CH are out in the sun we love to find an…Read Article