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IKEA fabric

IKEA fabric ----- December 2nd, 2008 -----

Here’s a thought and recession friendly item that brightens up any home: IKEA’s fabric line for under $6 a yard!…Read Article


Floorworks ----- November 19th, 2008 -----

Lucky for us Floorworks has come to America! We are often faced with the design dilemma of choosing good over…Read Article

Furnish Green

furnishgreen_logo ----- November 12th, 2008 -----

Genius! We stumbled across this company just recently and are so excited about the idea we had to share. FurnishGreen…Read Article

Hudson Furniture

hudson2 ----- March 21st, 2008 -----

We put high regard and value on these trees by turning them into pieces of enduring art instead of leaving…Read Article

Gardenia Organic

gardenia-organic ----- March 13th, 2008 -----

Working on the finishing touches for a model apartment, private home or just for a quick gift for a friend?…Read Article

Showplace Antique Center

Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 7.03.36 AM ----- March 7th, 2008 -----

Rather than planning a long trip and heading upstate to search for antiques, head to the NY Showplace in Chelsea…Read Article

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Door Hardware ----- January 18th, 2008 -----

It’s all about the details and do we have an amazing source for you! Rocky Mountain Hardware offers the most…Read Article

Get Back Inc.

get-back-inc-3 ----- January 17th, 2008 -----

In Connecticut, about 1-1/2 hours from mid-town there is a vast collection of old industrial furniture and objects that have…Read Article

Innisfree Garden

Innisfree Garden ----- December 31st, 2007 -----

Had a stressful week? Need a litte Zen-out time? We suggest a day trip up to Innisfree Garden, one hundred and…Read Article

Old Wood, New Life

Old Wood, New Life 1 ----- December 26th, 2007 -----

What could be more earth-friendly than reusing old building materials – and what could be more beautiful than old lumber?…Read Article