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By Month & Year

Abigail and Ryan – True Love in Design Heaven

Sycamore Scallop- Lime and Ink ----- December 8th, 2009 -----

Do you love nature, bright colors, and graphic patterns?  Are you looking to add some color to your kitchen with…Read Article

The One-Stop Green Shop

XY Decor Nest Pendant Lamp ----- November 26th, 2009 -----

We have stumbled upon one of the best secrets in green living – Green Depot! Green Depot is one of…Read Article

Eco Art: Living Wall Gardens

2947783738_a45a7335d9_b ----- November 5th, 2009 -----

For something completely new and different for your walls, try these eco-friendly, living wall gardens.  These framed art gardens were…Read Article

Trunks of Color

Log Bowls 3 ----- October 26th, 2009 -----

For something truly unique and as well as full of colour, check out these amazing pieces by Doha Chebib for…Read Article

The Great Outdoors, Indoors

Wood Slice ----- September 10th, 2009 -----

Fall is that time of the year when wonders happen outside. Why not bring some of that inside. Here are…Read Article


Picture 3 ----- August 31st, 2009 -----

This weekend, we fell further in love with the elegant and understated work of Bookhou. Their latest collection of home…Read Article

For The Love Of Wallpaper

Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 6.33.11 AM ----- July 22nd, 2009 -----

We love wallpaper because of its ability to transform a space beyond the reach of paint.  Check out our selection…Read Article

Reaping Recycling’s Rewards

picture-1 ----- June 1st, 2009 -----

Most of us recycle due to an environmental consciousness and a sense of moral obligation, but thanks to Graypants Inc.…Read Article

Christine Misiak

new-handle-tea-set ----- May 18th, 2009 -----

Tea time, there’s something so civilized about sitting down with friends and a fine cup of tea.  Now, thanks to…Read Article

Sunshine, Wine & Rooftop Design 

picture-32 ----- May 1st, 2009 -----

In order to get the full summertime effect in the city, one needs to think outside the outdoors box.   Here…Read Article