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Nomad your Own Space

Nomad 2 ----- March 11th, 2010 -----

As a kid we all loved building forts out of chairs, pillows, and sheets, but as adults we rarely spend…Read Article

Beedus & Jardin

Beedus & Jardin 1 ----- January 6th, 2010 -----

Sometimes the stars align and an interior designer and a real-estate investor’s mindset are combined, creating a mind that is…Read Article

Frank Lloyd Wright at the Guggenheim

Guggenheim ----- July 20th, 2009 -----

As designers we’re always looking for ideas and inspiration, be it from a magazine, a flea market antique, or a…Read Article

Taking Trunks to New “Heights”

60_63383136179391375015130230_59_zzAtmosphere_071309_423 ----- July 17th, 2009 -----

We are always thinking ahead here at Cultivated Home, so we were excited—and somewhat intrigued—to learn that our friends at…Read Article

Hardware for Home Flare: Tips Part 1

hardwarehome ----- April 13th, 2009 -----

As professional interior designers, we have a few tricks for how to use simple materials from your local hardware/Home Depot…Read Article

Bosse Limited

mail-1-v2 ----- November 8th, 2008 -----

Opt out of the typical duplex metal flight for a custom wooden spiral staircase with unparalled technical detail and design…Read Article

Longhi Doors

300-wind ----- May 22nd, 2008 -----

I think most of you know, I’m not a designer anymore. So, I’m a little out of the loop when…Read Article

The Solaire

solaire ----- April 21st, 2008 -----

With all of the buzz about being environmentally safe and aware these days, who knew that we New Yorkers have…Read Article

Interior Landscape: Ford Foundation

landscape ----- April 17th, 2008 -----

Not only do many of us city dwellers desire a hint of plant life in our cozy apartments but rather…Read Article

Shigeru Ban in New York

shutter_house ----- March 31st, 2008 -----

In case you hit the snooze bar on New York architecture, we’re getting another heavy-hitter. Metal Shutter Houses is a…Read Article