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Amanda White

  • 1986 – born in Nashua, New Hampshire and became the best birthday present my grandma could ask for.
  • 1987 – Once I can walk, start twirling and walking on my toes everywhere, all the time
  • 1989 – start fascination with traveling and receive first frequent flyer card for trips to Colorado.
  • 1990 – discover first loves, gymnastics and dance (great way to put toe-walking to use) Also discover second love, music. Beg mom to turn on MTV to dance to Madonna.
  • 1992 – beginning of the next 10 years of being dragged around to construction sites, fall in love with everything having to do with houses.
  • 1996 – big enough to move furniture on my own, complain that my furniture is not in the right place, move bedroom furniture into new configurations monthly.
  • 1998 – Jet to Europe with the people to people student ambassadors program and become fascinated with europes people, cities, and architecture.
  • 2004 – Graduate high school and head off to NYC…finally! I am home.
  • 2007 – Road trip to L.A. Take intensive architecture course at UCLA and I am in heaven. Realize college is almost over and the only things I am interested in are design and houses. Search for internship in interior design and stumble across Haus Interior. Join the crew and start sharing my creativity and collaborating on projects.
  • 2008 – Graduate from Fordham University with a B.S. in Marketing.
  • 2009 – Begin to spread my love and desire for design to the world through the web, through The Cultivated Home!