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Barn Lights For All

The Outback Warehouse Shade
----- December 27th, 2010 -----

If you have ever driven by an old barn and wished you could take home the lighting for yourself, we have found the perfect store for you. Barn Light Electric is an online store that specializes in all things “barn style”. They carry everything from barn lights to sconces to industrial furniture to fans, but there is a definite need to check them out for their lighting.

They have so many combinations within their shades, arms, and colors that you would be hard pressed not to come out with something unique.

Some of our favorites include: Barn Light Atomic Cast Guard CGU Sconce™, Industrial Static Topless Sconce, Ivanhoe™ Sinclair Industrial Porcelain Pendant, The Mig Retro Steel Industrial Pendant, and the Barn Light Outback Warehouse Shade.

Best part is they are having a 10% storewide sale until January 4th. Just enter the code BARNLIGHT11 at checkout to save!

If you are feeling extra creative, we suggest checking out the Dose-Of-Color pendant at Anthropologie to mix and match your own unique creation. A neon chord and a porcelain shade might end up being the perfect piece for the summer.

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