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The Perfect Holiday Buy—and Return

Blue Spruce
----- December 16th, 2010 -----

When purchasing a tree in NYC you may have to drop just a bit of hard earned cash, that is a fact. Well, we have found a solution that will ease the mind during tree hunting time.

One of Brooklyns best spots for gardening, Red Rose & Lavender, a nursery in the heart of Williamsburg, has come to our rescue, with a way to “adopt a tree” as they say. Come and purchase a tree for the holidays, and when the holidays are over, you get to return the tree (if you want to!) and receive 30% of your purchase price back in store credit. This way you can transform a winter holiday purchase into financing for spring arrangements. How is this not a great deal?!!

Best part is, once you return the tree, they take it and replant that tree on their farmland in West Virginia. Seems like a win-win situation. You get store credit and get to help maintain natural forestation. Swing by and check out their selection of four foot ($150) and five to six foot ($220) blue spruce trees. You can also give them a call. They will be more than happy to help you find the perfect tree.

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