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5 Things We Want For Christmas

Spanish Glass Stacking Vases
----- December 6th, 2010 -----

1. Jielde Oversized Desk Lamp: We love this modern desk lamp. It is a great addition to any space and with all the color options, there’s an option for everyone!

2. West Elm’s Spanish Glass Stacking Vases: Not only are these made from recycled glass, but they look good stacked, unstacked, used to hold goodies, or just as a display.

3. Conran Time Talks English Clock: No need for words, this clock has all the words we need. It may not give the time down to the minute, but who cares when your clock looks this chic.

4. Domus French Press: Brunch party for a group of friends? No problem! This big guy stands at 12″ high, holds 2 pints, and doesn’t look to shabby. It is a must.

5. Poketo Middletons Plate Set: Who doesn’t like eating off of geometric genius, we sure do. Not only do you get to enjoy your food, but you get a nice surprise once you are done.

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