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Reinvent the Advent Calendar

Pottery Barn Avent Calendar 1
----- November 3rd, 2010 -----

Believe it or not, the holiday season has arrived. It’s time to start thinking about gifts, decorations, parties, and yes the New Year! I would highly recommend Porsche’s newly designed $1,000,000 Advent Calendar, but, it’s completely unaffordable and only one is sold per continent! Let’s be practical….we’ve found these incredibly cute Advent Calendars that can be used to count down anything you fancy. There are 25 slots for the countdown until Christmas, but we suggest using them for any special event, reminder or a way to reach New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few you can buy and a few that you can DIY.

$1,000,000 Porsche Advent Calendar: Standing almost 2 meters high and made of brushed aluminum, this calendar would clearly make a statement in anyone’s home. The selling point is more about what’s behind the doors though, anything from a Yacht to a new Porsche.

Handmade Advent Calendar: This calendar is made with 24 recycled paper bags, and the packaging is really adorable…perfect for a gift or to incentivize yourself! $26.90 at

Burlap Sack: Made from 25 canvas bags and hung from a jute backing with wood dowels, each of the numbers was silk-screened by hand. $99.00 at Pottery Barn.

Bucket Branch Calendar: Amazingly rustic and chic, this advent calendar made of plastic branches, galvanized steel buckets and jute rope should definitely stay up all year around! Place treats, gifts, or even fun reminders and quotes in the buckets. $99.00 at Pottery Barn.

Sticky Borders: “Peel, Stick, Love….Repeat” – Butch & Harold have created some amazing new wall decals. Use these frame corners to create your own advent calendar by sticking these to the wall! Remove and rearrange as you please – you can also add some of their amazing frames into the mix. $12.95 at Butch & Harold.

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