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A New Closet in 7 Easy Steps

Closet 1
----- September 17th, 2010 -----

With fall upon us now has never been a better time to tackle your closet and organize a space you search through every day – but for many of us this task can be more difficult then running a half marathon. To help make this process painless follow these 7 easy steps to closet organization. Once you are done not only will you feel more Zen but you also might find a whole new wardrobe that has been lurking behind last seasons neon’s:

1. Set aside time to get this project done. Even if you think it might take a few hours it wont, so set aside an afternoon and pick up a few boxes to help separate all your goods.

2. Take everything out. You can start with everything at once or with sections (closet/chest of drawers/under the bed) but clear out the space completely for a blank slate.

3. As quickly as possible sorts into 3 times (Keep, Toss, Maybe). Give yourself a set time – 30 minutes for starters. Don’t think too much, just start sorting. Get rid of everything in the toss pile, keep everything in the keep pile, and anything you have a hard time deciding on place in the maybe pile and keep for 6 months and after 6 months toss anything you have not worn.

4. Clean, iron, and fix. Everything you are keeping – bring up to date and make sure it is clean and ready to wear.

5. Hang, fold, and organize. Once everything is clean put it all back in the closet and drawers. A great way to organize with by color, style, or type. Try out a few options and keep what works for you.

6. Deal with the toss pile immediately. The longer you keep that toss pile the more likely you are to keep things you will never wear.

7. Relax and bask in your closets beauty. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of being organized! Reward yourself with a glass of wine, a good meal or even that one new fall jacket you have been lusting over. You deserve it!

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