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Grow House Grow

Ms. Treat
----- April 15th, 2010 -----

Hand silkscreened wallpaper adds warmth and charm to any space.  It is applied with a mission to “enliven a living space through the marriage of pattern, narrative and a heavy dose of imagination.”

Grow House Grow of Brooklyn, NY is a wallpaper company designed by Katie Deedy. Each of her patterns create a different tale in unique space. Since 2008, Katie creates an annual theme for her patterns. Nom de Plum was the theme of 2008, Parlor Room 2009 and Naturalist is 2010.  Who wouldn’t love this company?!

Some of our favorite patterns Mme. Jeanne, Cottonail, and Ms. Treat. Check her website out today and get inspire to add some handmade wallpaper to your space.

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