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Easter Gathering

Canoe Wire Baskets
----- April 5th, 2010 -----

Easter weekend is approaching, and we are all putting together our favorite spring and Easter baskets, but what to do with those amazing baskets when the weekend is over? Here are a few basket elements that you can use again for the rest of spring.

Gathering and Canoe Wire Baskets: These great baskets from Haus Interior are a perfect Easter basket for any age. Priced at $26 and $35, they can be reused as a bread basket or a carry all basket for the rest of the season!

Bungalow Kitchen and Bath Towels: These wafer textured kitchen and bath towels are available in six festive spring colors and are terrific to line your Easter basket—or even to use in the park for a fun Easter picnic. Reuse these great towels for the rest of spring and even into summer, adding punches of color everywhere you see.

Pastel Heart Shaped Ramekins: Bake some holiday treats with this pastel-colored, heart shaped, stone ramekin set from Le Cresset. These pastel colors are perfect for the spring season and will show your loved ones that you are thinking of them. The pop of color at the end of their treat will also get your guests excited for spring.

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