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MyPantone – Favorite New App!

----- March 26th, 2010 -----

We love color!  Every tone and shade, from bright to neutrals—if Pantone has it, we get excited about it!  This is why we became overjoyed when we downloaded the newest Pantone App for iPhones and iPod Touches called MyPantone.  This great new app allows you to display over 5,000 shades, helping you choose the perfect color for everything from a wall color, to a couch fabric, and even the perfect shade of fabric to complete a window treatment.

Can’t find your shade or color palette but love what you see in a recent photo you took?  This great app also allows you to extract the color palette from the photo and selects the exact Pantone colors for you.  It’s priced a little higher then most of the apps at $9.99, but we think that the extra cost is totally worth the fun, entertainment, and usefulness this app brings to its users.  Download it today, and make over your space this weekend!

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