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Made to Order: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

----- March 16th, 2010 -----

Most great things don’t happen overnight, and some of our favorite finds can’t be mass produced, which is why we love Pigeon Toe Ceramics!  Started in 2009 by the talented artist Lisa Jones, their philosophy is that “your purchase should be an heirloom, not a hassle, memories should be created, not collected, and stories should be handed down, not mass-produced.”  Pigeon Toe Ceramics creates each product they sell, starting at the time an order is placed, and takes about two weeks to produce.

With a range of delicate ceramic products, there is something for everyone.  We love their Mason Jar Pendant Lights and Pleated Pendant Light and can’t get enough of their beautiful set of Scribble Nesting Bowls that have pops of color in each bowl.  Check out their online store and Etsy page to see all the other fabulous things they have to offer and to purchase your own one of a kind piece.

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