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Boring Drawers No More

Chic Shelf Paper
----- March 15th, 2010 -----

Have you ever thought your kitchen drawer or closet shelf could use a little more style and design!?  Sure, you could line it with some average wrapping paper or a printed fabric, but it never ends up looking as fabulous as it could, right?

In the need to find something that is easy to install and looks superb we found Chic Shelf Paper, a company that “help homeowners enhance and enjoy their living environments by creating personalized and high-quality coverings for storage areas.”  Order by the roll and cut it yourself, or to make it easier CSP can cut exact sizes for you!  With tons of exciting patterns and colors from solids to floral and even industrial patterns you are sure to find something that fits your taste and aesthetics.

Check them out today and start adding a little excitement to every drawer and shelf in your home!

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