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Nomad your Own Space

Nomad 2
----- March 11th, 2010 -----

As a kid we all loved building forts out of chairs, pillows, and sheets, but as adults we rarely spend time creating structures of our own.  Luckily, the amazing designers, Jaime Salm and Roger Allen, have created a modular architectural system called Nomad that allows you to assemble your own temporary free-standing structure.  The Nomad system was created out of Jamie and Roger’s desire to produce flexible spaces that can morph any environment into your dream space.  From a partition or a screen to an actual room, anything is possible with Nomad!  Available in a wide range of colors, you can mix and match to add pattern and interest to your new structure.

It’s perfect for turning a studio apartment into more then just one room and for partitions in an office space—or let your childhood dreams come back, and create a adult fort of your own!

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