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ROLLOUT your Creativity

ROLLOUT Wallpaper
----- March 10th, 2010 -----

Ever find yourself searching for wallpaper and not finding what you want?  We have found the solution!  ROLLOUT is a creative design studio out of Vancouver that designs and digitally prints custom wallpapers.  Another big plus, besides the fact that their wallpaper is custom to what you want, is that their wallpapers are an actual latex based paper, and they use water based ink.  This makes their wallpaper more eco friendly than vinyl wallpaper.

Besides their custom wallpaper, ROLLOUT also has a featured Artist Collection from an array of different designers.  Check out Golden Fawn by David Hall, Anita Modha, and Jonathan Nodrick or The Owl, The Cat, & The Hand by Pandarosa.  New designs are unveiling soon, and we cannot wait!

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