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A Home for Every Jewel and Gem

Gold Knobs 2
----- March 9th, 2010 -----

Spring cleaning time is around the corner and, for many of us, this is a time to clear out and organize your wardrobe and accessories.  Along with organizing, it’s also a perfect time to add a little more design flair to your personal space, and one way to do it is through an amazing jewelry stand.  Not only do these items keep you organized, but they also add an element of design and style to your already beautiful piece.

Here are some others we are obsessing over this season:

Gold Knobs – These delicate porcelain knobs from Hygge & West are perfect for hanging necklaces.  Priced at $8 a piece, scatter a few of them on your wall and turn them into both a functional piece and a work of art.

Sea Urchin Boxes – These delicate ceramic boxes from the amazing store, Hudson, in Boston are perfect to hide your special treasures.  Priced from $25 to $35, these are great as a pair or by themselves next to your bed.

Growing Vine Jewelry Stand – Grow a jewelry tree of your own with this great stand from Urban Outfitters.  With branches for your necklaces, rings, and bracelets, this is a great place to store all of your gems.

Lacquer Boxes – These brightly colored, lacquered boxes from Jonathan Adler are great alone or stacked in a group on your vanity.  Use one for each jewelry category—or even to hide makeup.

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