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Bemz – IKEA Slipcover Heaven

Bemz Imspriation Image 4
----- February 23rd, 2010 -----

We love IKEA sofas—from the Ektop to the Klippan and their arm chair counter parts too!  However, with most IKEA furniture, each piece arrives dressed in a basic stock colored slipcover, with only a few additional options to choose from.  This is fine for the people who don’t like having choices or want their living room to look just like their neighbors, but the majority of us enjoy having options and want to make our space our own. Also, the idea of having a custom slipcover made that will end up costing as much as the couch itself seems pretty impractical.

Luckily, we have stumbled upon Bemz, a company based in Sweden, which sells slipcovers for all our favorite IKEA sofas and chairs!  With tons of different fabric options to choose from, you will find something that will fit perfectly in your design scheme. Even if you just want to explore their library of inspiration images they have on file, we suggest you check them out today!

Updating your living room has never been easier!

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