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New Chic Snail Mail

Dempsey & Carroll stationery 1
----- February 22nd, 2010 -----

Even though a good old letter through snail mail is becoming less and less frequent, I know we all appreciate a handwritten thank you note, thinking of you card, or love letter.  Why not spiff up your everyday stationery with a collection that combines both home decor and the good old values your grandparents taught you.

Dempsey & Carroll has teamed up with F. Schumacher & Co. to create an amazing new stationery line using Schumacher’s beautiful trellis design.  Each package includes ten silver edged cards and ten envelopes with the trellis pattern lining the inside.  Need to add a personalized touch to your set?  This can be done for an additional cost in a number of different complimentary colors.

Grab a set for yourself and drop a few notes in the mail to the ones you love.  We know they will appreciate the thought and will love the chic card you’re using even more!

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