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Bright Ideas

Vintage Yellow Aluminum Loveseat
----- February 19th, 2010 -----

Bright colors are exciting and eye catching.  Whether it is in our wardrobes or our homes, we love to throw in a hint of color wherever we can.  In hopes for a bright and sunny weekend on this lovely Friday, here are some of our favorite vendors with color!  They have bright ideas for every home.

Gardenhouse – Bring the outdoors inside with any of the products from Gardenhouse, a Palm Beach based furniture store with a passion for color and re-appropriating old finds to make them bright and fabulous!  We love their Vintage Yellow Aluminum Loveseat!

CB2 – We love their Echo Chair in yellow or green.  Priced at $79.95 each, they are great for a spring update of a dining room or office.

Smeg Appliances – Bright and functional, these great 50’s inspired refrigerators, laundry machines, and dishwashers are just plain fabulous!

Berlin – Throw these pillows on a couch or a bed to brighten up any room.

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