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The Modern Pet

The Modern Pet
----- February 4th, 2010 -----

When you think of pet furniture, what pops into your head?  Probably either an oversized dog bed or a 4-foot tall carpet-covered cat tree—not the most appealing pieces to add to a modern home.  Wait no longer, we have found some great modern solutions to pet furniture!

ZenHaus Designer Crate: This comfy critter cave adds extra surface space.  It’s a great place for your pet to escape, and they’ll look good doing it.

BowHaus Designer Crate: Is it a pet crate or a side table?  Well, we approve it for both!  This little baby looks like it could have come out of a West Elm catalog for pets.

WoWo Pod: Dress up this pod with a white faux fur shag-like pad, and send your pet back in time—in a good way.  They compare this to “an Eames chair for your best friend,” and we agree!

Ellipse Pet Bed: With a simple ellipse design containing many different finishes and two sizes to choose from, this is one of the most modern, elegant pet beds we have seen!

Couchette Modern Cat Sleeper: It’s eco-friendly, has a timeless design, and it’s super comfortable for your furry friend, what could be better?

RONDO Stand: The RONDO is pure modern design.  This pod-like perch comes in many different colors and finishes, 60 variations to be exact.  It might just make you want to redesign your home!

Tall Modern Cat Condo: Any cat would love to lay or play on this elegant, steel framed modern cat tree made with foam scratching pads.

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