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Yard Sale Treasure Hunting

Yard Sale App 4
----- February 3rd, 2010 -----

We all love finding a deal—whether it is at a retail store, a flea market, or a sample sale.  Scoring a great find can send a rush that we just can’t deny.  One of our favorite weekend activities is to find a deal or two at a local yard sale, but one of the hardest parts is actually finding the yard sale and even finding the right house!  Fortunately for us, the geniuses over at Apple have provided us with a solution by creating the “Yard Sale Mapper” application.  This app maps out listings of yard sales, garage sales, and tag sales from and lets you search the map and explore and plan your treasure hunt.  The best part is this app is free, making the goods you find even sweeter!

Don’t have an iPhone?  Check out the site,, print out your own paper directions and start hunting!

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