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Swede Shop: An iPhone App We Love!

----- January 19th, 2010 -----

We love when technology meets design, and this is one beautiful example.  Swede Shop is an iPhone application that makes those crazy shopping experiences in IKEA so much smoother.  This brilliant little app allows you to ditch those tiny little pencils that always get lost and make your writing finally readable.  Not only can you write the names, sku’s, and aisle numbers into your phone into an organized form, but you can also attach photos so that when you are running around the warehouse you can remember your priority pieces rather then just staring at those brown boxes.  And no more confusion in the warehouse – this app will help you organize your path and create an “aisle” map, so you don’t have to crisscross and backtrack through the enormous amount of space.  Keep it real with Swede Shop, available here for 99 cents.

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