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Stripes for One and All

JCrew Striped Bathroom
----- January 15th, 2010 -----

Over here at CH we are obsessed with stripes.  They are one of our favorite decorative painting applications for any room in your house. Whether they are vertical or horizontal, they add a graphic detail to a room that we can’t get enough of!

We know that tackling this challenge yourself can be difficult, but trust us when we say it is totally doable and well worth the effort.  Just follow these seven easy steps and transform your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway this winter.

Step 1: Tape
Tape the edges of the ceiling, windows, doors, and floor trim.

Step 2: Prep Walls
Using a cloth with water and a little mild dishwashing liquid to wipe down the walls and remove all of the dust.

Step 3: Plan
Whether you want vertical or horizontal stripes, choose the size and direction of the stripes. Vertical stripes work great in most spaces in elongating the room and creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.  Horizontal stripes work in more open spaces.  Calculate the total area of the walls you would like to paint and determine how many stripes will fit in the space at the width you want.

Step 4: Measure
Grab some measuring tape, a level, and a pencil and mark the top and bottom lines of where each stripe will go.  Once you are ready, use the level and mark the distance between each stripe.

Step 5: Tape
Grab that painter’s blue tape again, and place it along the pencil line outside the area to be painted.

Step 6: Paint
Start with an angled brush and paint up to the edge of the tape.  Keep going with the angled brush if your stripes are thin or, if they are thick, grab a roller and paint between the taped-off areas. Continue this in sections until you are finished with the first coat.

Step 7: Apply a Second Coat
Allow the paint to dry and brush on that second coat.  Once all of the stripes have dried again for a few more hours, remove the tape and get ready to rejoice in the fabulous new room you have created yourself!

Still need help? Check out this great video from Channel 4!

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