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Our Top 5 Hooks!

Galvanized Metal Row of Hooks
----- January 13th, 2010 -----

Sometimes we forget the importance of a great hook on a wall!  Useful to organize or decorate, hooks can be installed right next to a front door to hang a winter jacket, in the bedroom to display a bag collection, or on the back of a door to keep towels off the floor.  Whatever we use them for, one thing remains true: they must be as chic and stylish as the rest of the living space.

Recently a friend of ours discovered how get hooked up and organized his life, as a result, he felt like a design genius and we want you to have that same feeling!

Here is a list of our top 5 favorite hooks to help you organize your life as well as add a stylish touch to your space!

Liberty Coat & Hat Hook – A grouping of 5 or 6 of these hooks can be displayed in a neat and organized row or get a little crazy displaying them at different heights and create your own wall art.

Victorian Bat Hook and Deer Hook– There amazing two prong bat hook and  funky deer hook from The Hook Lady we so amazing we could not just choose one! Check out her other hooks and we know you will fall in love with them all!

Motif Collection Hook – This great hook from Soko Studios looks more like a piece of art then a utilitarian object. Each are handmade and should be displayed with pride on a wall that can appreciate its beauty!

Galvanized Metal Row of Hooks – This industrial grouping of hooks from Pottery Barn are great to hang towels on or even used to hold all of your heavy winter jackets inside or outside. Best part – it is only $29.00!

Nesting Hook – This hook from Restoration Hardware is great by itself on a wall or the back of a door. A perfect multi-use hook with sleek lines and a fabulous sheen.

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