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Beedus & Jardin

Beedus & Jardin 1
----- January 6th, 2010 -----

Sometimes the stars align and an interior designer and a real-estate investor’s mindset are combined, creating a mind that is gifted in every aspect of home design and what we see as pure talent.  That is just what happened when the brilliant Reed Woodson was born.  With design and real estate in his blood, passion in his heart, and knowledge in his brain, Woodson began his career in 1997 overhauling apartments in San Francisco and New York City.  During these first five years he bought, designed, and built several amazing homes until he decided in late 2009 to open his own firm called Beedus & Jardin.

Beedus & Jardin is a real-estate firm that offers interior design construction management as well as green consulting services to its clients.  Woodson describes his style as “generally modern organic”.  To quote him, he says, “I love mixing raw materials like glass, brick, concrete, wood, and steel with sleek architectural elements or high-end fixtures.  It’s a delicate mix between the two, but if done properly people will never forget it.”

This style can be seen in two amazing SoHo apartments he has recently worked on that are featured on the Beedus & Jardin website.  Each image is inspiring, and we love the “before” and “after” contrast of each space.  Check out Reed Woodson’s work today and keep Beedus & Jardin in mind when your next design project develops!

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