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U-Gallery: your Virtual Artist Studio

Ugallery 1
----- December 22nd, 2009 -----

It can be hard for recent, art school graduates to start their careers and reach a large audience, but the amazing site,, has been able to accomplish this goal and match talented people with art buyers all over the world.  The art on this site is curated by an amazing group of art professionals, so you know you are getting something special.  Plus, with prices ranging from about $100 to $4,000, there is something for everyone to love and enjoy.  Our favorite part of this site is their ability to filter the art by medium, size, color, price, and art school.  Plus, their new addition of a “virtual wall” allows you to take the pieces you love and hang them on a “wall” in order to understand scale, color, etc.

Even if you are not interested in buying art, this site is still great to play around with and discover.  Check it out today!

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