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Abigail and Ryan – True Love in Design Heaven

Sycamore Scallop- Lime and Ink
----- December 8th, 2009 -----

Do you love nature, bright colors, and graphic patterns?  Are you looking to add some color to your kitchen with some new tea towels or looking to add a splash of pattern to your couch with some graphic pillows?  Well, we have the place for you!

Abigail Percy and Ryan Bell, two amazing designers (and partners in love as well), have come together to create the new home textile line called abigail*ryan.  Both have used their own strengths– Abigail with her nature inspired illustrations and Ryan with his great eye for color– and put together their first collection comprised of pillows and tea towels for our enjoyment.

Made from local sources, their collection uses organic material– even the pillows and towels are organic!  We are obsessed with their Helicopter and Sycamore print; starting at $20, you can’t go wrong with any of their pieces for yourself or as a gift!

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