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Bye-Bye Boom Box

GenevaSound Home Theater
----- November 12th, 2009 -----

I’m sure we can all think back to a time when everyone had the three-piece, boom box CD player with the two side speakers and the center CD and radio. They were large and not the most attractive addition to a room.  They may have worked for a Junior High bedroom, but we have found a great, chic solution for its replacement!

Geneva Lab is a company based out of Switzerland that designs and creates high quality sound systems for the contemporary user.  They are not only minimalistic with their design, but also with their features.  It is an easy to use system that looks amazing, giving you the latest technology– all for your hearing pleasure!  With a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, there is something for everyone, even for those looking for an entire home theater system.

Check out the GenevaSound M.  This little beast packs an iPod dock and CD slot.  It also plays MP3s and has an FM radio tuner– all in a chic, 7” x 14” x 10” box.  The best part is you don’t see any controls or buttons from the front.

Also, the GenevaSound Home Theater is simply amazing.  Available in both white and black, it looks like any other TV console straight from your favorite modern furniture store.  Not only does it support your iPod, CD, and radio, it is also fitted for your TV while supplying room for your cable box and DVD player.  For anyone serious about home entertainment, this is definitely something to check out!

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