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Modern Genealogy for Any Home

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----- November 11th, 2009 -----

During the holidays we all start to think about family and coming together with the ones we love.  Taking the time to listen to stories from our elders and learn where we come from has become a holiday tradition for many people.  Why not treat the ones we love to a custom family tree that is not just educational but can also be a beautiful piece of art in their home?

We have discovered the great company called My Tree & Me that helps you to create a custom genealogy chart that becomes more of a work of art then a pathway through your family tree.  Started by the amazing designer, Jen O’Neill, based out of Vermont, each piece is a custom giclee and is as easy to create as 1, 2, 3.  Just choose your pattern, fill out the genealogy form, and wait for your beautiful new chart to arrive!  You can also choose to D.I.Y. (do it yourself), and a blank chart can be sent instead.

Great as a gift or just as a unique talking piece in any room, these family trees will make everyone happy.

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