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For Our Love of Dash and Albert

Vine Tufted Wool
----- October 29th, 2009 -----

We have found a new reason to love Dash and Albert rugs other then their adorable dog mascots and their amazing affordable woven cotton rugs, we have suddenly formed an obsession with their fabulous tufted wool rugs as well.

These rugs are not new to their collation but sometimes get looked over because of the popularity of their cotton rugs.  These rugs are hand tufted using 100% wool yarn that is sheered to create a dense pile that is soft to touch.

These rugs are great alone or to layer on top of an existing rug to add color and texture.  We love their Vine, Brindle, and Circle Fret collections and price from $95.00-$1,260.00 there is a size and price for everyone.

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