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Taxidermy Love

Cardboard Deer Head
----- October 28th, 2009 -----

You may think that taxidermy is only for creepy movies or old houses, but trust us, the media is definitely misleading when it comes to this bit of art. Whether it is a full on 100% real piece or a cardboard cut-out, you can find some great pieces that will add to your home.

Check out Obscura Antiques; you may find some great pieces thrown in the mix. Antique stores can be great places to find taxidermied pieces—whether you are looking for a bird, mammal, or even some antlers; you just have to find the right one! Also, stop by the Evolution Nature Store, which also has an online store. They may not have as much character as an antique piece, but you may find something that you do like.

If the real deal isn’t for you, no biggie, we have also found some great alternatives. Check out the Cardboard Taxidermy from Urban Outfitters or Cardboard Animal Heads from Uncommon Goods. You’ll find a deer, rhino, buffalo, and moose—all painless to put together and a little easier on the eye. Another great piece is the White Lacquer Deer Head. With this you get a realistic look, without the realistic feel.

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