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Knock in Style

Polychromatic Numbers
----- October 14th, 2009 -----

Doors are definitely overlooked when it comes to decorating a home, but we have some ideas that can help you break away from that standard door look.

Doorknockers are always a classic, and we found some with a twist!  Check out the Owl Door Knocker and the Deer Head Door Knocker.

Adding some decorative numbers to your apartment, house, or room will also help by expressing your personality and creativity at the same time.  A group of numbers we love is the Polychromatic Numbers.  Try numbers like these or even try creating your own!

The easiest way to spruce up your door is through the use of doorknobs.  There are so many different designs, shapes, materials, and colors—everyone can find something that suits them!  One great knob we found is the Hello, Goodbye Knob.  It looks great and adds some humor to your entrance and exit.  We also love the array of glass doorknobs out there.  Check out the Tea House Doorknob, which comes in a couple different colors.

You can even add some creativity with a good ol’ doorstop!  Many of us are used to the tan, rubber doorstops from our grade school days, but we have found some of the cutest doorstops out there!  The Watchdog Doorstop is our favorite, but the Bear Doorstop doesn’t follow far behind.

You may also think of changing the color of your door.  Painting the door an off-white or similarly neutral color can take away that standard look.  You can even go all out and dramatically change the color!

The great thing about all of these ideas is that they are perfect “D.I.Y.” activities.  They are also cheap fixes that create amazing results!

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