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Where the Wild Things Are

Birch Tree Wall Mural
----- October 8th, 2009 -----

The classic children’s story “Where The Wild Things Are,” is about to hit theaters, but it could come into your home much earlier than the DVD release! We scoped out the Urban Outfitters’ Apartment section and found some amazing ‘wildly’ inspired pieces.

The first two items are exclusive to Urban Outfitters and contain elements taking from the story: the Feathers Pillow and Forest Pillow. The pillows are 18”x18” squares of fun that add magical influence to your room while keeping a chic composure.

We also found some pieces that are not pulled directly from the story, but by looking that them, they might as well be! The Marble Drip Rim Bowl is a great piece that looks like it could come directly from the forest floor. The marble drip gives the bowl a camouflage affect that mimics feathers falling down its side.

There is no need to explain the next piece, the Antler Curtain Tie Back, they are just plain genius! Last is the Birch Tree Wall Mural. With this mural hanging on your wall, you can  sit back, relax, and imagine you’re surrounded by nature. What could be better?!

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