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What’s Cooler then a Design Blogger? – Part 2

----- September 28th, 2009 -----

Continuing with our showcase of our fellow blogging peers from the blogger panel held last week at the New York Design Center’s “What’s NEWER then a Design Blog?” event we would like to introduce you to 2 more amazing blogs!

PVE Design: This inspirational blog is brought to you by Patricia van Essche; a talented artist and tastemaker who is making a name for herself in the design world. Her mission is to “design, create and inspire an artful life” which she does beautifully by sharing with her readers what inspires her as well as her one of a kind artwork. She is a great source to consult when looking for inspiration or just to put a smile on your face.

Otto: Created by Jean Lin, Otto is a design blog that focuses on architecture and design. She had a weekly mailing that everyone must sign up for as well as daily posts that are exciting and interesting, always promoting inspiration and thought. With a background in fashion, Jean keeps her finger on the pulse of many different fields of design that keeps her post constantly fresh and exciting. This blog is one everyone needs to add to their daily blog role, you won’t be disappointed!

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