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Kissing Horse Cushion
----- September 4th, 2009 -----

Acceptance is the key to recovery, readers, and it’s time that we all stop denying Summer’s end. Instead of wallowing in a Labor Day lull, we’re seeking out new shops and pieces that get us excited about the coming season. This week, UK-based Anorak has succeeded in doing just that, offering incredible designs and thoughtful products that have us feeling warm and fuzzy both inside and out. And please, who doesn’t need an adult sleeping bag?

Kissing Stag Adult Sleeping Bag – Approx. $75 (converted from GBP) – This woodsy themed chic sleeping sack is the ultimate excuse for a sleepover. No need to plan a camping trip, schlep this puppy to a friend’s house and roast some marshmallows over your electric stove!

Kissing Horse Cushion – For roughly $60, this is a simple, fun way to add a splash of color to your sofa. And look, they’re kissing! Pretty AND precious.

Kissing Robins Picnic Blanket – Another great piece for $60, this blanket has a waterproof back perfect for picnicking, and features yet another adorable print that will help you crack a smile even in the coldest conditions! So bring it on, Autumn!

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