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Etsy Vintage – “Too Cool for School”

----- August 31st, 2009 -----

Once again finding ourselves scouring Etsy for our new favorite pieces, we stumbled upon tons of vintage pieces we think you all need to know about for the school season.

Vintage Blackboard – $29.99 – Old school is now new school!

1970’s Vintage Flashcards – $2.00 – Frame to be fun art!

Vintage Typewriter – $50 – Super chic on any side table!

1940’s Calander – $24.99 – Pretend this is sitting on your desk on the set of Mad Men.

Retro Molecule Set – $43.00 – Not just for chemistry class anymore! So chic and perfect as a unique art piece!

1960’s Chemistry Notebooks – $12.00 – Frame and use as many pages as you can for your art wall.

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