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Workin’ It: Small Space Solutions

Built-In Desk
----- August 27th, 2009 -----

More times than not, we have more work to do than we have space to do it in.  Such is the curse of New York City real estate!  To remedy this, we found some incredible items that maximize space and keep you organized even in the crampest of conditions…

One superb solution is the combination EXPEDIT Bookcase and Desk from IKEA. This combo set has a number of uses beyond the obvious, one of which is as a room divider, separating and sectioning off areas in an otherwise single-room studio or loft space. So whether it serves as a divider, bookcase, or desk, this is an incredible value for the space-scrapped New Yorker.

Have an extra closet? We know it’s a stretch, but if so, it could make a great space for a built-in work area that doesn’t consume coveted space, and – BONUS! – it’s easy to hide.  Install a desk with a couple draws, a bookshelf up top and all you need to do is pull up a chair.  When work is done and its time to play, close that closet, invite over friends, and they’ll never know your fifth floor walk-up is doubling as an office.

Our final solution works great if there are multiple people in the household that require their own workspaces, or if you just need that extra room to lay your things out. All you need is a long table and you have a desk built for two!  Some of our favorite selections are the STRUT table from Blu Dot and the BESTA BURS desk from IKEA. Pair the elongated desk with matching chairs or table lamps to make it more of a cohesive office space!

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