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Designer On Call

----- August 21st, 2009 -----

Not all of us can have the skill of a professional interior designer to walk into a room and instantly be able to make it into something special. We all struggle at some point to choose the right color for the walls, the most eye catching fabric for a pillow, or even to know if a couch you love will fit through your new apartment door.  These moments of panic are when you wish your best friend was an interior design or you were lucky enough to have one on call!

Just when you thought all hope is lost our favorite tech genius Apple has come to the rescue with our newest obsession the “Mark on Call” application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Created by designer Mark Lewison this app. allows you to become your own interior designer! Based on Lewison’s book “What Would You Do With This Room”, this app walks you step by step though planning, designing, and organizing your space. Perfect for both profession and novice designers M.O.C. can be used as a cheat sheet or a source of entertainment. Download today and get obsessed!

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